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Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: OPTR) was a biopharmaceutical company, originally headquartered in San Diego, California and later moved to Jersey City, New Jersey, United States of America.


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"Everything about this company is dirgraceful"


"You absolutely need the time off to recover. Lack of cohesive function among team members. Highly dysfunctional company. Extremely poor internal communications. A lot of smoke and mirrors being used by certain departments to deceive others. Inconsistent, and unjustified standards applied towards employee and project management. Cowardace is rewarded at this company."

Former Employee - Executive Director says

"Did not show value, due to our cost"

Hospital Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Optimer was a start up biotech company that launch a new therapy in infectious disease market. They partnered with Cubist for the launch of Dificid. In the summer of 2013, the company announced it would be soliciting a buyer. The company sold all assets to Cubist and Cubist eliminated all sales operations."

Analytical Scientist in AD (Former Employee) says

"Optimer was a nice place to work before change of the management that eventually resulted in company being sold and many people laid off despite getting the drug on the market.friendly collaborative atmosphereDetached top management"

Executive Coordinator/Assistant (Former Employee) says

"There was never really a typical day at my job. As a small, incredibly fast growing biotech company, you just never knew what would come up. Press calls from the latest development or event with the drug we sold, a day of investor calls/meetings to gain more capital for new initiatives, last minute travel between the two offices in San Diego and Jersey City, or just a regular day of staff meetings. I worked for the head of the company and quite of few members of the executive team. All were great to work with and luckily many of my lower level executives were fairly self sufficient. While I had great working relationships, it was a stressful company for many of the employees. I witnessed quite a few people come and go quickly when they disagreed with the company's initiatives. One needed to know the art of disagreeing while still acting like a supportive team player. It was very much a "trial by fire" type of environment. Learn fast, and contribute quickly and often. While this was stressful for some, if you could show you could handle it, you acquired some great skills. I was actually quite proud to be one of the people who came out the other side of my own trial successfully. The best people at my job, whom I learned the most from, were those who did not engage in drama. There was plenty drama at my company (although from what I hear, that is typical in small, fast growing businesses.) But these people worked hard and did not stress out over set backs. They were creative problem solvers like myself and just got to work on the next task. These people were theGreat learning experiences, brilliant coworkers, freedom to work independently, working from home flexibilityhigh stress, office drama"